Friday, June 1, 2012

Chemo Thursday!  Well, it was yesterday.  Yeah.  The doc's nurse estimated I've done something like 50 rounds of chemo total.  Could that be right?  I forgot to ask Eric last night, so perhaps he'll see this today and comment with his count.  Anyhoo, that's a lot of chemo.  I feel so blessed to have been given a body that can handle it and bounce back. 

It was a long day, starting at 8:30ish when Eric dropped me off and ending at around 5pm when he crashed the chemo lounge to find out what was taking so long.

But let's back up.  After I cried and yakked at my psychologist for a hour, I went up to have my labs drawn.  The nurse had to stick me twice!  :(  Sad face.  She apologized and also complimented me on all my tattoos, so you know.  I'm okay with it.  A quick look just now and no really bad bruising.  Then I went down to wait for the doctor.

The doc's nurse made me walk up and down the hallway to assess the neuropothy in my feet.  I walk fine, by the way.  I haven't honestly noticed a big change in the condition of my fingers and toes after last time...maybe I'm just getting used to it?  A next step for me would be to get out walking/running again.  I'll make it a goal for next week.  The doc didn't have a lot to say.  I'm getting a different heartburn med because mine stopped working suddenly.  A calcium/magnesium mix was added to my chemo regimen.  Apparently there had been a shortage, and now it's available aplenty.  It's supposed to help some with the neuropothy.  The doc approved me for chemo, so back to the waiting room!

It turns out, the cal/mag adds a little over an hour to my chemo chair time.  Ugh.  It felt like I was there forever.  It's so frustrating to see people walk in, get their chemo, and leave while I'm still sitting around.  I slept a little bit, knitted a little bit, watched Daria, ate snacks I pilfered from the refreshment room...the usual stuff. 

I wish I had some funny stories or something from yesterday.  Oh!  I did spray coffee on the desk of the check in lady!  That was embarassing.  I have a cup with a fussy lid.  Other than that, pretty uneventful.

I was exhausted last night, but woke up this morning to an Eli in my bed and I felt better.  Please pray that chemo weekend goes well and quickly.  :)

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  1. Love that you have awesome tattoos to break the ice with almost anyone! :) thinking of you mama. Glad to see you are feeling better on your .june 7th post. And wow! 50 treatments is alot!