Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Want to see what I did this weekend?

Fossil Hunting

Picnic by Lake Texoma

More by the lake

Of course there is a freak ton of things, memories, that I didn't show you.  Dripping ice cream cones, road trip coffee, the blanket full of little burrs, watermelon, cows, horses, goats, driving...It was a very good weekend. 

I go back and forth between "I'm going to live forever!!!" because I feel so good and thinking dreaded thoughts about dying before I want to.  Of course, no one lives forever, and I'm confident that after death I'll be in a wonderful place with a body that doesn't have cancer.  I just feel like I'm needed here, you know? 

Anyway, I'm so glad for weekends like this, for experiences, for laughter, for fun.  It gives me space to be away from cancer, at least for a little while.

The week has already started, I have chemo this Thursday, and wow, you should see the disaster that is my house!  Gotta get to work!

And because I know I need it, please pray.


  1. Wow, looks like an awesome weekend!! Thinking about you and praying for you up here in WI.

  2. Sheri, Your Dad and I are both praying! Lots of love is being sent your way!!!! Glad you had such a great weekend! Love, Mom and Dad