Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chemo Jitters

Chemo Jitters, I has them.

I worry about how sick I'll get.  I worry about taking care of my family.  I worry that it won't work and going through it will be for nothing.

But I have to try.  I could definitely use your prayers, positive thoughts, vibes, everything today.  And of course, I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. And Julie said... We are praying lots for you and your family! You have all of our positive thoughts!!! Press On! Fight, Fight, Fight! Ask God to help you!!! He is their for You!!! Love, Mom and Dad

  2. You have SO many people who love and support you. We are all praying for you today and every day. We know how strong you are, and that you can do this.

    ♥ you

  3. I hope treatments go as well as possible. I think not being post surgical will help a lot too :)... Thinking about you and your family.
    Mike S.

  4. Sending love and prayers all day, every day!

  5. Thinking about you today :)

  6. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you and your family. Good luck! By the way, I just read an excellent children's book where they made worry dolls so the main character could sleep at night. You tell one worry to each doll. They do the worrying for you, so you can sleep or do what you need to do. Maybe you and the kids could make some worry dolls. Anyway, fingers crossed and lots of love:)

  7. You were in my thoughts today! I love you! xoxo

    Katie J