Monday, May 17, 2010

Whine whine

When am I going to feel like myself again? I hate the creepy crawly restless feeling I get from chemo, the hot flashes, the way my lips and teeth feel weird. Don't get me wrong, I feel better today, but geez. I'm at the point where I'm tired of sitting in the recliner, but getting up and doing stuff sounds so daunting because I get exhausted by silly things like making toast for the kids.

I think my leaky ass wound and mysterious rashy ass doesn't help. All right, the ass wound doesn't leak all day long, just when the gauze starts to get saturated (haha, GROSS). And I do have some sort of perhaps yeasty rash around the wound area. That kind of cracks me up in an "If I don't laugh I'll cry" sort of way because I went something like 13 weeks with the wound vac and had little to no skin issues. Luckily I get to see the wound care nurses tomorrow and I can be all, "Hey, check this rash out." And they totally will. Maybe there's some cream or something I can use on it.

I just want to do what I want to do without getting so tired, and without my butt hurting. I'm frustrated that things aren't magically normal, even though I'm done with chemo. Rationally I understand it takes time for my body to heal, it's going to take time for the wound to heal. Sigh.

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