Friday, May 14, 2010

More thoughts

Liz, rubarbaritas would be awesome. I'm going to give my body a couple weeks to get rid of the chemo before I start boozing it up. Gotta protect my liver, yo.

Julie, the flowers look gorgeous on my mantel (and away from my flower arranger Reese, haha). I am humbled by your support of us, your strength. Your family is in my thoughts all the time, and I'm so lucky to know you.

Maggie, thank you for being my fashion consultant at Old Navy! I'm a pretty clueless shopper, so who knows how I would have fared on my own. And sometimes I just need someone to tell me it's okay to buy some stuff for myself (and special thanks to Eric for funding my new wardrobe!!). It was a great fun evening. Not to mention all the food organizing and letting us hang out at your house and you watching my babies. I'm so fortunate you're in my life.

Mom and Dad, you've been an incredible support even if you don't think so, being that you're so far away. Visits, messages, and we cannot forget Mom being her with us for the month after my surgery. And the Annie's meals!!!! Om nom nom nom. It means so much to us.

Nana and Poppy (my other mom and dad!!!) your help has been amazing and greatly appreciated. Whether it was Poppy helping with the kids when I was sick or Nana driving me to wound dressing chnages or the frozen meals for Eric and the kids. All those little things might not seem like much, but wow. It made a huge difference in our lives.

Terri and Mike, thanks for all the wound vac taxi services and for helping with Reese and Eli when I wasn't able to take care of them. It was a relief that I had someone who loves them to play with them and be with them. Your help meant so much to me.

There are so so many more people to thank. I just get teary eyed, and the kids are hanging around. I don't like them to see me cry too much. They get stressed out and worried. So I shall be back. :)

I'm feeling okay today, much better than yesterday right after chemo. Mostly I just feel tired, but my headache is gone and my legs don't ache like they did. We're headed to hang out with Maggie today. I love just sitting on her couch watching the kids play.

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