Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things I Enjoy

Building lego sets with the kids (Hogworts Castle this time)
Helping Reese learn to ride her bike, and watching her comic tips/falls (she gets up laughing, no worries)
the hustle and bustle of packing for a beach vacation
the Big Huge Hugs I get in the morning after the kids wake up
laying in my husband's arms at night
making lists and plans
My waving Lucky Cat
learning new things and good discussions
a clean kitchen
a busy sewing area, complete with a project list
family dinners
running in the morning coolness (yes, 77 degress is cool to me)
mango muffins
that most of the time our biggest problems are first world problems
waves on the beach (can't wait to see them!)
watching cooking shows and competitions
afternoon reading with Reese and Eli
Panang Curry
the quiet in the morning before everyone wakes up

There are always good things, even if sometimes we can't see them.  I'm choosing to seek the good things today.

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