Thursday, July 21, 2011

Infusion went well yesterday, very calm and no drama.  I showed up at 8:30am, didn't wait more than a few minutes, and was booted out around 2pm with my best friend, the pump.  (hahahaha, NOT)

One of the worst things about infusion is falling asleep from the benedryl and then waking up having to pee when the benedryl isn't quite worn off yet.  I have to walk really careful because I know if I fall someone will freak out.  I haven't fallen yet!  I watched Daria again, did a lot of dozing off.

So.  Do you think I'd hate the pump less if I made some sort of fun and funky cover for it?  Because it's either that or some permenant graffiti, and I don't know if the company I'm borrowing it from would like that.  If I come up with something, I'll post it.  There's really no need to walk around sporting a boring black pump when I have a sewing machine and piles of fabric!

I woke up a lot last night, having weird dreams.  Finally at about 5am I just got out of bed.  Maybe too much Sonic Blue Coconut slushie yesterday afternoon?  That's the best thing after chemo.

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  1. I vote for a Miller Lite cover...
    Mike S.