Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Cancer Center is now making patients wear bracelets.  Everyone.  And apparently someone instructed the check in nurse to put it on REAL TIGHT.  Next time I'll know to suggest that she relax.  It might seem that I'm trying to escape, but I just like to wander.

My premeds were ready quickly, so I got prepared for the benedryl.  Today I listened to Sheryl Crow.

It was so weird to wake up from my benedryl nap feeling...fine?  Then I noticed there was only one bag hanging up, and it was plain old fluids.  After a trip to the bathroom (got a great seat today, by the way!!), I returned to find three nurses clustered around my file.  It turned out I was waiting on the pharmacy.  Lame.  The good news at that point was that I'd already done the Erbitux.

I watched some Aqua Teen Hunger Force (thanks for the b-day gift, Mom and Dad!!) and then some Daria.  It was all quite uneventful. 

I've been sleeping on and off in my recliner all evening though.  It's surprising how much more tired this all makes me than it did at first.  Count down to Friday and pump removal!!  Thanks always for the thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Man, I love Daria. Henry downloaded some app so she is now our GPS voice.

    Hope that Friday comes quickly! ♥