Saturday, July 9, 2011

Successfully Disconnected

It kind of took a while though.  There's a new sign in the waiting room informing us that a new computer system is being installed and that there might be "slight delays."  I found the delay to be no longer than what the usual delay is, so perhaps the computer system is working just fine?  At any rate, the receptionist put the bracelet on much looser this time, so whatever they're doing, I guess I approve.

I got a trainee nurse, but she did fine.  Although when she shot me up with the neulasta, it hurt like a bitch and I think I have a bruise.  I got to tell my story (again) and then she asked about my kids and I didn't even cry.  (All right, I almost did, but not quite).  We chatted about homeschooling.  It's actually kind of nice when the nurses are chatty because most of the time I don't know what to say or am lost in my own irritability.  It feels awkward to just sit in silence but by Friday with the pump, I am just not into starting the small talk.

Today I'm tired.  The neulasta headache is all over my neck and my upper arms, and even my hips hurt a little.  Squeeze those good blood cells out!  I'm positive I'm going to wear myself out today, but I hate missing out on everything.  There's a treasure hunt this afternoon, and church in the evening.  I think I can nap inbetween those things.  Even taking a shower today will park me in the chair for a while.  Frustrating.

But tomorrow will be better, and I'll go for a very slow run/walk.  Have a great weekend, all!

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