Friday, June 24, 2011

Sometimes I feel so negative

I'm really not, at least not all the time.  This morning I was running and thinking about how amazing our life is.  We live in an absolutely beautiful community, people are nice and friendly.  The kids are healthy, they're happy, they're learning and growing every day.  We have the things we need and often are able to get things we want too.  There are amazing travels coming up, and I'm so excited to meet friends I've known for such a long time.  The friends we've made here are the most wonderful people. 

So yeah, while shitty things happen, I think the good often outweighs the bad.  It's hard for me to remember that when I'm wallowing in the sick of a Big Chemo weekend. 

I just wanted everyone who is reading to know that I'm good.  I have bad days, but I'm hanging in there.  I'm tough.

Oh hey...if you have a moment, check out the linkie about the Bone Marrow Donor Registry.  Please consider signing up, it's really easy, and who knows?  You might be able to help someone who is struggling.

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