Thursday, June 16, 2011

As requested by many, a pic of the old time chair I sat in last week.

No worries, y'all, I got a regular chair this week.  It was actually in a great location...right next to the blanket warmer AND the bathroom!  Wheeeee!  I didn't take a pic of that though.  I feel weird taking pictures in the chemo lounge because there are so many people.  I guess you'll all just have to visit me to get the real feel.  ;)

Yesterday went fine.  I got called back right away and my nurse was awesome.  I watched Clerks (well, bits and pieces of it, thank you, Benedryl) and paged through my new Harry Potter inspired cookbook.  I even chatted with a woman with many questions about my chemo (she has breast cancer, a much different regimine).

So yeah.  Today will be resting.  Which is what I'm going to do now.


  1. Looks like a good sweater knitting chair... I wear medium... Blue looks best on me. Thanks. :)
    Mike S.

  2. That looks like chair you'd see in someone's grandmother's house. Haha. I want to sneak a peak at your new cookbook sometime. That one's on my wish list. :)

    Hannah :)