Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Big Day! Scan Pictures!!!

Well, not really.  The computer used for looking at scans was acting up, so no pics.  The doctor did consider the stability of my tumors a positive thing, and noted that there are no new ones.  So evil chemo, you are working, and I guess I will stick with you for a handful more times.  The doc suggested a scan in a few more months to get another peek.

I bitched about my sore fingers and my incredibly icky eye and my not sleeping.  Lotion, antibiotic eye drops, and an increased sleeping pill dose.  And next time I go in there, I'm bringing my gigantor hat.  So no new remedies really, just encouragement and a gentle, "These side effects are not too bad" which is probably good that I hear.  I think the doctor knows I'm hardcore and can do this.  It's good to have confidence like that.

Since we're going on vacation next weekend, I decided to skip chemo altogether next week.  Honestly, I need a break, even if it is just pushed out one week.  The doc and Eric backed me up, of course.  I got many warnings about the dangers of sea water and the doc fretted about antibiotics.  He warned me not to eat any raw fish.

Ahahahahahahahaha.  I was all, "Eww, I don't eat meat."  This led to the following conversation:

Doc:  You don't eat meat?
Me:  NO.
Doc:  Oh, you're vegetarian.  You eat eggs?
Me:  Nope, no eggs.
Doc:  What?  I thought vegetarians eat eggs.  What about milk and cheese?
Me:  NO, I don't eat any of that stuff.
Doc:  Well that's why your eye is so sore, you need protein.
Me:  I use protein powder in my smoothies, I eat tofu, tempeh, beans, I'm good on protein.
Doc:  Ahhh you eat tofu, okay.  You should drink miso soup.
Me:  I love miso soup!  Sushico has the best miso soup.
Doc:  You can make that at home you know.  Make it yourself.

So I'm supposed to drink some miso soup.  I guess I'll have to look that up.  The doc insisted it was easy and sounded incredulous that I paid for it at a restaurant.  Otherwise, I really think my nutrition is fine.  I'm going to try to add more nuts to my diet, and I'm considering adding in some raw foods days here and there when I can.

Let's see.  Oh I didn't tell you about the blood drawing nurse!!  The normal nurse I have must be on vacation still, so this other nurse was helping out.  She wouldn't let Eric stand in the room (even though it's a huge room).  It bothered me.  Eric, if he's able, is with me and has been with me.  The nurse said, "Are you scared?" and kind of laughed.  She didn't do a bad job, but I complained to Eric anyway.  I hope the other nurse is back the next time I go in. 

The wait for a chemo chair was long.  Going in mid-morning is kind of sucky.  Chemo was uneventful, except the nurse there was having fits over the infusion machine.  It wouldn't cooperate with her at all.  I guess it doesn't like chemo either, hahahahahahaa.  I read a scary Dean Koontz book while I waited (I don't know why I read scary books).  After my benedryl nap, I watched some Seinfeld.

I will post vacation pics after we get back.  If you don't hear from me, it's because I'm busy having fun and hugging my family and working on feeling positive and relaxing. 


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