Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guess Where I am NOT today??

Cancer Center!  I'm not there!!!!!!!

I'm skipping out today.  Yes, Little Chemo doesn't kick my ass like Big Chemo does, so maybe I could have done it.  However, I really feel like I needed a no chemo break.  Does this make me a huge baby?  Whatever.  I'm glad and totally happy with this decision.

I am also freaking excited to be escaping to the beach, which is like 5 hours from the cancer center.  There's just something about the beach for me.  I love water and water creatures and sunshine.  Don't worry, I will wear lots of natural sunscreen and wear my gigantic hat. 

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!  There aren't enough exclamation points to even express it.  According to my several pieces of paper with lists, we should be almost packed up.  I'll bribe the kids to help me pick up the house, and we're golden.

Did I mention the excitement? 

Also, the last time I saw my doc, I complained about not sleeping despite a little sleeping pill.  He increased the dose, and it has made such a difference.  I fall asleep faster, I don't wake up for hours in the night.  Now if I could get my kids to sleep later, haha.  Anyway, I almost wonder if lack of sleep was a bigger factor in my mood and stress level than my crappy cancer situation.

So have a nice 4th of July weekend!  Look for pics sometime after we get back.  :)


  1. I'm so happy that you were able to skip little chemo! Enjoy the beach and your vacation!

  2. Hope you all have a brilliant time...look forward to seeing pic's when you get back