Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good news and Bad news

The good news is...I lost six pounds!!!  whoooohhooooooo!!!!!

The bad news...there's cancer in my lungs. 

I don't know, it sounded funny in my head.  And if you can't laugh, well, I've really had enough crying (though it doesn't take much these days to get me started).

Anyway, Eric and I went to see my doctor today to review the PET scan and talk about what to do.  The PET lit up the spots in my lungs, so sadly, they are not some rogue fungus or anything other than cancer.  We discussed a biopsy, which the doctor feels is unnecessary.  He is 90% sure we are dealing with mets from the rectal cancer.  Surgery at this point isn't an option.  I can, however, have any kind of chemo I want!  Well, fuck yeah!!!!

Um.  Not really.  The reason I'm okay for whatever chemo is because I have some wild cancer cells and not mutated cells.  Apparently there was a test of my rectal tissue after surgery, so although I didn't get to see my hacked out rectum, it was tested.  Wild cancer cells are better than mutated ones as they tend to respond better to chemo.

Up until now I have been just a little unsure of the doctor.  He did something really cool though, he told us we always have the option to get a second opinion, and he knows of a very good hospital (Emory) in Atlanta, he knows a doctor there who specializes in colorectal issues.  He even checked to see if there were any clinical trials I could get in on.  And he gave me an awkward hug before I left.  Awwwwww.

Eric and I decided before we saw the doc that we'd be seeking a second opinion, but we've really always talked about going that route if this whole cancer thing got more serious.  Our doctor here said that if the doctor at Emory suggested a treatment that could be done at Regional here in Columbus, that the doctors and hospitals could certainly work together.

Do I feel better?  Meh.  I mostly just feel sad that I have cancer in the first place.  It sucks.  But you play the hand you're dealt, I guess.  I'm sure there are more technical things about this...perhaps I'll ask Eric to post something on caring bridge for you technical types.  Or you know, feel free to ask questions.


  1. You made me chuckle before you made me cry, so mission accomplished!
    Damnit, Sheri. I'm so sorry you have to go through more of this shit. I love you and you know I'm sending all my most pure and positive thoughts to you and to Eric and to your beautiful babes.

  2. So you're a 'wild child' and not a 'mutant' eh Sheri AND a 6lb lighter one at that :-)

    Cancer IS totally doubt about it. You deserve so much better than this for sure.

    I wish I could think of something relevant, clever or uplifting to say but I can't, so instead I'll just be keeping you both in my thoughts xxxx

  3. Well, not exactly the news anyone wanted to hear - especially you guys. We are here for you. Always.


  4. Cancer is never going to be awesome, but, at least this is the less shitty one? Emory is a really pretty campus, so, there's that?

  5. Oh Sheri. I was hoping and praying that it wasn't cancer. I wish that there was something I could do or say to help. I know that we aren't close enough to bring you food anymore, or to just sit and cry with you, but if there is anything that we CAN do, please let me know. We love you, Sheri.

  6. Thought my comment went thru but guess not, so sorry if this turns out to be a double post.

    Just wanted to say (again ;-) ) glad you are getting a second opinion. You know how I like 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions! And ditto what Carole posted. And a shout out to Eric maybe he could talk to my dh, he sounds great!

  7. Drat.

    Yes, go see the big guys at the big center.

    Thanks for doing such a good job of keeping us all up to date and sharing the good and the bad and the funny and the nasty stuff.

    Hugs and prayers and lots of light for you.

  8. I am sorry to hear this! Going to Atlanta sounds like a really good idea. I will be keeping you in my thoughts!!