Friday, February 4, 2011

Something to Think About

More and more, as we now know that we'll be working to kick cancer in the ass (lungs?  heh) again, people have asked what they can do?  What do we need?  How can they help?  I think I speak for both Eric and myself when I say that for the last few weeks, we've been in shock, and we've just assured everyone that we're fine right now.  And we really ARE.  However, I can tell that many people are anxious to help in some way, and want to do SOMETHING.  That's what is so great about our family and friends, they are such action oriented people.

Eric and I talked for a long time last night about all this.  We were unsure about posting about this lest it be seen as a greedy grab for stuff.  The last thing we want is stuff.  If I could have three wishes, they wouldn't involve stuff at all.  However, we know there are people who want to help, and are feeling helpless because of physical distance or because they just don't know what to do.

First and foremost, all we really ask for or desire is your continued thoughts, prayers, positive energy, kind words, encouragement, and support.  When someone shares with me that I am on a prayer chain or that they have been thinking about me, it just means so much.  I really believe that positive support is important.

Secondly, cancer affects us all.  If you don't have it, you know someone who does.  It sucks no matter who has it or what the circumstances.  If you feel led to do something with your pocketbook, we'd like to suggest some ideas.  Please consider a donation to the American Cancer Society.  Better yet, find out where the cancer centers are in your community and find out their financial needs.  I don't know if everyone knows this, but I started running a handful of months ago.  If you're so inclined, find a charity 5K walk or run in your area and enter, or volunteer to help out.  Every little bit helps, it really does.

Thirdly, our family.  I think this part is the hardest.  We've decided to go to Atlanta for a second opinion, so it's forseeable that we'll have some driving in our future.  When I'm on chemo, it's so difficult for me to care for my family, to cook for them especially.  When the kids spend time in the car, or time with a sick mom at home, there are things that could make it easier for them.  Again, we are NOT EXPECTING ANYTHING except prayers, thoughts, and continued support.  Really.  However, if you feel led to help our little family in some way, here are some things we thought of that would make a difference to us:
**gas cards
**restaurant or grocery gift cards
** or barnes and noble gift cards so we can purchase books on CD or educational DVDs for the kids

I can't stress enough that your prayers, positive thoughts, and support are the most important thing you could ever do.  Absolutely the most important.

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  1. Thank you, for letting me help. Words cannot explain just how much it means. Love and thoughts ALWAYS!