Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

I'd love to post all about how I'm going to resolve not to worry, blah blah blah. Yeah, right. As if I can control the periodic freak outs when all the stress and scanxiety gets to be too much. Want to talk about freak outs? I had one while we were driving home from Florida. Reese had just puked (for the second time) all over herself and her car seat, and I pretty much lost it. I could NOT stop crying for probably a good 30 minutes. Eric asked what was wrong, and I told him I was worried about the scan. BECAUSE I FREAKING AM.

Poor Eric. He probably had no idea what to do, so he just held my hand and started talking about lunch. And I was really glad that I got the big giant sunglasses to hide the tears.

But what can you do? I think I'm entitled to a freak out now and again.

Anyhoo, we had a really great time in the Florida Keys. You want a picture, okay!
This was taken by a staff memeber at the Key West Garden Society. We went to one of the beaches and were walking towards a big pier when Eli or Reese (don't recall which one) suddenly had to use the potty. We ended up walking past the Garden Society building and garden, and stopped back later. It's one of those times when you're actually glad your kid needed a potty. The gardens on the property (which was an old military fort, I believe) were beautiful and interesting.
There are more pics on my other blog, if you want to see.
So what's the plan now? Scan on January 11th. Bloodwork on January 12th. Consult with the doc January 19th. Try not to freak out too much in the next 20 days. I think the yoga will help, and so will the running.
Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Sheri,
    You are such an honest and real person. I am certain you are helping so many people with this blog. We are all doing the best that we can with what we have. Some people just have more, good or bad. I am sending you positive thoughts that the next 20 days go quickly, and I feel good that this scan will go well, and you will get a little reassurance going forward. Love you!

  2. Hi Sheri,

    Jehan's comment above is right, you've helped lots of people with your honesty - I'm one of them. I was so scared about my op, living with the colostomy and you are so positive about did help me.

    Of course you're going to worry about your scans, bloods etc. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't after what you've been through.

    I sincerely hope that 2011 brings you excellent results, less worry and only good things.
    Much luv xxxx