Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This will be brief

Because no matter what, I have kids and a husband who need to be fed. ;)

So we saw the oncologist today. I wish I could say the news was awesome, but you know fucking cancer. The last time we got together, I had two spots on my lungs. This time, the spots are slightly bigger and have been joined by a third. They're all still really small, the biggest being about 1.5cm. The big one though just about doubled in size in four months. Of course there's still a chance that it could be something else (fungus was tossed out). We're trying to stay optimistic.

The next step is a PET scan to hopefully get more and better information, and to find out where the best place for a biopsy (fun fact...a lung biopsy is an outpatient procedure...who knew?).

It's scary. I don't really want to think about it right now, and to tell you the truth, I'm really trying not to. My biggest thought is Reese and Eli, my babies.

So yeah. Positive thoughts? I'll take 'em.


  1. I do have some positive thoughts for you. I was in your shoes, in fact, I still am (sort of) I had stage 3c colon cancer. I stayed NED for two years after treatment until they found two lung nodules last February. My onc, and my second opinion doc all pretty much were grim and said that it was inoperable. I went for a third opinion at Sloan kettering and they felt that I was operable. They put me on Xeloda( oral 5fu) to "wait and see." i see an amazing dr there. Last week she told me she wanted to take out one lung nodule on feb 4th to see what it was. ??? I said What could it be? And she said MAYBE THESE LUNG NODULES AREN'T CANCER. Very interesting. I'm not getting my hopes up but..... who knows!!!

  2. HUGE HUGE positive thoughts!!! Freaking huge major hugs too! I heart you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))

  3. Hi Sheri,

    Obviously not what you wanted to hear :-(

    I'm continuing to send as many positive thoughts your way as possible - and always will.
    Your positive way of handling all this has helped numerous others Sheri, including me.

    I can't think anything but positive thoughts about you.
    Big hugs......xxxxx

  4. Hi Sheri,

    Many many positive thoughts are flowing from me to you. And prayers. These nebulous Maybe-Cancer-Maybe-Not times are perhaps the hardest. You're doing what you need to do by just setting it off to the side and focusing on your wonderful and loving family.

    Live your life. Breathe deep through those lungs into your belly. And laugh.

    Lots of love and support,

  5. Positive thoughts are sent in abundance, dear friend.

  6. Lots and Lots of positive thoughts coming from frozen Minnesota....Love You Patti

  7. I knew of a lady about five years ago in a cancer forum who had the same scenario. She ended up getting a vats procedure done on her lungs and it turned out to be an infection. I hope you will get some answers soon.

  8. I just had a pet scan and they are supposed to see my lungs on it. I can't believe they never did your lungs when you were first dx and then so you had to wait 3 mths to see what happens. They also didn't do any scans of my lungs when I was first dx. Because of your story of what happened I asked my dr about if they had scanned my lungs and is part of the reason I got the pet scan. I still don't get why they don't scan the lungs when people are first dx??? Wishing nothing but the best! You are in my thoughts!

  9. Sheri, We are thinking of you and prayers are headed your way. Just to let you know my mom went thru a lung biopsy and she was 62 when she did it and made it thru, I'm sure you will breeze thru it, good thoughts are here in the DEEP FREEZE STATE FOR YOU. Take Care, Sherry & Al

  10. Sheri, we are all cheering for you here in Wisconsin. You are in our thoughts & prayers daily. I believe there is a God who is going to be nice to you (as you well deserve). You are so strong & such a wonderful person, I know Reese & Eli are going to be the most beautiful in the world. They have had the perfect example of courage & love. God be with you & Eric and your beautiful family. Love Roger & Chris and the whole Breske family.