Thursday, January 27, 2011

PET Scan Day Today

It went fine. I mean, as fine as being injected with radioactive crazy material, laying in a dark room for an hour with nothing to do, and then laying in a scanner for 25 minutes. Oh yeah, and being freaking hungry. It is so much easier to do a test earlier in the morning.

And hey, anyone know why they won't let me listen to music while I'm waiting for the radiation juice to travel around my body? I should have asked the tech.

Oh and why must the chair you have to sit in be so uncomfortable?

Anyhoo, now more waiting.

How am I doing? Better. Really. I can talk about all this shit now without crying (most of the time). It's sinking in, I'm getting ready to deal with it. Not that I *want* to deal with it, but you know. You gotta do what you gotta do.

And maybe the prozac is kicking in and helping me to feel more zen about things.

At any rate, I'm hanging in there. Hopefully the doc has a master plan for us next week!


  1. He definitely has a plan. He would not have cancelled our first plan if he did not have a better plan . . . right?

  2. I spoke to my Psychiatrist friend who had primary lung cancer and she had some good advice, and one was akin to your Prozac. Take it she said. Glad you are, sometimes it is better living thru chemistry. She also said to make sure you sleep, so if you need something, ask for it.

    Thinking of you often. Put you on the prayer chain of the Sisters of St. Agnes. They are good pray-ers.....

    I am sorry you are so far away from us, but I send much love your way. Hugs to the kids and ERic....and you. Glad you have this spot for us to check in often.
    Love, Auntie Barb

  3. I asked the tech about why complete darkness, no reading, ipod etc while waiting on the scan, it was something like energy/sugar isn't being used or "working" and drawn away to the brain except to me the whole time I was freaking and using my brain because I had nothing to do BUT think about the crappy situation. Now my place had a great chair and warmed up blankets to keep me comfy. What did you do after, did you have to stay away from the kiddos like I did?