Thursday, October 4, 2012

Two for One!

That's right, two days in one blog!  Pretty awesome, huh?

Yesterday I went to UT for labs and blood pressure and to talk to the research coordinator.  My blood pressure was kind of high, as per usual.  I crabbed at the research coordinator a whole bunch.  My legs hurt and I have neuropathy up to my butt.  I'm exhausted all the time.  Walking?  Not good.  She was sympathetic and assured me that I can talk to the doctor about my options, which include things like lowering the dose of pills or taking another week off.  We shall see.

The research coordinator confirmed that Regorafenib has been approved by the FDA, but she said it won't affect me at all.  I'll continue on the trial.

I see the doc on Monday to converse about all this.

Today I went to see the therapist.  Guess what?  She called in sick and unfortunately the scheduler wasn't able to get a hold of me.  It's such a LONG walk from the car to registration, and I pretty much turned right around and went back.  It reminded me of Carlsbad Caverns and the 800 ft walk up and out.  After I got back to the car, I sat for a little bit.  Tired legs, yo.  Very tired.

Well, I'm off to heat Reese up some ravioli and hopefully get some homeschooling done.

Thank you so much for praying for me, everyone.  :)


  1. You must have some strong prayer warriors. I'm struggling to homeschool just with the 'minor' chronic ailments I have. I would maybe just end up in a padded room if I had to do it while dealing with the side effects you're dealing with.Praying your strength holds up-as well as your sanity:-)

  2. I have been thinking about you and your family a lot lately. My prayers are with you.