Friday, August 31, 2012

Today's Appointment

Eric and I made the trip (4 miles?) to UT Southwestern today.  It's a nice place, with valet and a Keurig coffee making in the lobby.  I suppose more importantly the people were all really nice and helpful.

I checked in and we had to talk about finances with a counselor.  No problems there, thank goodness.  After that it was up to the doc's office where we waited forEVER.  It was a long time.  The doc was knowledgeable and all that, explained the drug and the trial, and then left us in the capable hands of a trial coordinator.  She explained the drug and the trial too.

Then she said, "So do you want some time to think about it?'

Time, my friends, is something I don't feel I have.  I thought it was kind of a silly question, knowing that people come to the trial after exhausting other options.  I signed up. 

There was quite a list of potential side effects, with the most common being hand and foot syndrome (a fancy way of saying very dry hands). 

Before I can officially be a part of the trial, I have to pass a few tests.  I got an ECG today to check my heart (passed).  The doc wants to see my latest CT scan.  Today I had labs drawn.  As long as my labs are good, which I'll find out about next Wednesday, it sounds like I can start the trial.

I'm a little nervous about taking chemo pills for 21 days in a row.  I'm worried about how sick I might get or how I'll feel. 

Interesting things about today:

The doc told us that we're lucky to live so close to UT...some people are traveling from places like Houston and El Paso to do this trial. 

There are only 5 hospitals in the US that are running regorafenib trials, and only 3000 people worldwide will be part of this study.

There is a Chihuly glass sculpture in the lobby of the Seay building.  It's orange and beautiful.

I have a lot more fun at the cancer center with Eric than by myself.

Anyway, no more news until Wednesday.  I can't help but notice how things are falling into place though...and I'm so thankful for where we live and for the people we've met.  I'm praying that things continue to work out for us, especially for childcare.


  1. I hope you've found your wonder drug, Sheri!

  2. Praying and thinking of you daily, Sheri. Much love to you and your family.

  3. So um, this is Stephanie (suburban b3lle). I didn't know it would show up under that profile name. ha

  4. Lots of prayers and love from Neenah. (Followed Jehan's Facebook like to here!) Backyard chickens are squawking for you. Let Reese know that Nibble the Chicken misses her. Glad that someone with money was smart enough to donate a wicked piece of art glass to a place where people are in true need of meditative point. I dare you to write Dale (Chihuly) and tell him what you thought of having his piece at the hospital. He did learn how to blow glass at University of Wisconsin-Madison, so there is that Wisconsin connection. Mega-good vibes coming your way!!!!