Friday, August 10, 2012

I suppose I should tell you about chemo day since I spent so much time dreading it and complaining about it.  Haha.  As usual, it was...just a normal chemo day.

Eric dropped me off at the wee hour of 7:15am (he had to get to a meeting).  I went to the Starbucks, got some coffee, and sat down to write some letters for a little while. 

8:00am found me upstairs in the lab, where a very friendly nurse verified my birthdate and said, "You're just a baby!"  I laughed and thought again that 35 is pretty awesome.

At 8:30am I was stalking the pharmacy while watching nervously for a nurse to call me back to see my doc.  The pharmacy opens at 8:30, and my appt was scheduled for 8:35.  Eep!  My prescription was ready (thank you, God!!), and my doc was running late, so all was well.

9:00ish  Called back to see the doc.  Labs looked good.  I confessed to my sprained ankle, but assured the doc is was a result of walking/talking/watching kids at a strange park, and not my neuropothied feet.  He felt it, declared it "just a ligament" and that was that.  Chemo approved!  Um, yay?

I sat in the waiting room until 10:15 for a 9:15 appt.  That's unfortunately normal at the cancer center.  I got some knitting done, as my needles and yarn are no longer fighting with me. 

Chemo officially started at 10:30, and I got my own room!  Awwww yeah!  I do like that.  It's nice and quiet and I don't feel like anyone is watching me.  I slept through Napoleon Dynamite, watched some of The Dark Knight, and then put in Disc 1 of Daria.  My snacks were awesome.  I had a big iced tea and some coffee.  Everything went well.

I stopped in to visit a friend really quick after chemo was done.  It was great to see her.

Eric picked me up a little before 3:00pm.

I feel like this chemo really kicked my ass.  After I'd been home a little while, I decided to lay down in bed for just a minute.  That turned into a few hours.  I'm better today and considering a grocery store run (hold me!). 

I'm praying for a relaxing day, and enough energy to work on cleaning up the homeschool room.

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