Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm normal!

That's right, the side effects I complained about are all normal.  Even my weak legs.  I'm not quite sure how to feel about that.  Chemo has always been easy on me, so to have this one kicking me in the butt is hard. 

Anywho, not a lot to tell.  The nurse poked me in the port instead of searching for a vein in my arm.  My port needed to be flushed.  My blood pressure was on the high side, but I guess there are pills for that, and if it continues, the researcher will let the doc know.  I chatted with the research coordinator for a few minutes, and then was done.  I think it took longer to drive there than do the actual appt.  It makes me kind of miss Baylor.

The good news for me is that after the first cycle of the regorafenib, people tend to get used to it and have fewer side effects.  I think I can hang in there for a couple more weeks, especially if people are praying.


  1. We definitely praying for you! Haven't stopped! You CAN do this!!!!!!!

  2. Always paying for you!!

  3. Sheri, Your Mom and Dad are praying!!! We also haven't stopped.

  4. Sheri, Our prayers are with you. We pray for God's healing in your body. We pray that He would give you peace knowing He's there. We care about you and your neat family, and pray that God will restore you, and that God would restore the years the devil took away from you. Tim and Cindy

  5. Praying for you everyday, Sheri!

  6. Sheri,
    You are on my mind all the time. I will keep praying for you!