Monday, September 24, 2012

I don't want to be a whiny baby, but I think this chemo is the worst I've done.  The exhaustion is just awful.  Seriously, the ideal situation is me laying down for a nap every few hours.  Guess what?  That totally doesn't happen.  Walking around is terrible.  My legs don't want to go, and sometimes they hurt.  I get restless and uncomfortable sitting down and standing up.  I feel blah all day.  Not nauseous, just blah.  Nothing sounds good.  My mouth is sore, so eating some things is hurty.  Ugh.

I realize that my situation isn't the worst.  I'm able to get through each day.  My husband is amazing, the kids are helpful. 

But.  It hasn't even been two weeks and I feel so done with this.  I need some lifting up, friends, in a big way. 

I will keep plugging away because I have a ton of reasons to do it.  Not giving up at all, just feeling weary.


  1. Praying for strength, peace of mind and a break from some or all of the side effects, if even for a bit to give you a chance to breathe. Take care Sheri!

  2. Totally understandable. One of those things it seems one has no choice but to grit one's teeth for. :-(

  3. Sheri, I too am praying for strength to help you get through this. I am praying for healing!!!! I wish I could quit working and move to Dallas and just help you. Hang in there! Love you, Mom

  4. Sheri,
    Lots of love and hugs. You are an amazing woman. God bless you.
    rebecca lovebugmom

  5. Praying for you always Sheri! Last year when I had pneumonia I was just wiped out like I've never experienced before. My body just wanted to sleep and sleep. I joked that I was like a newborn and had to take three naps a day (it was a big day when I dropped one nap and went down to only two a day). So embrace your inner newborn and nap :)

  6. You are in my thoughts each and every day, Sheri! <3

  7. Hang in there Sheri, you are all always in my thoughts. Was fun to skype with you. Love Auntie Patti

  8. Sheri,
    There have been a few times in my life when I just wasn't up to or able to do everything I had usually done. Here are a few survival tricks I learned. I hope they might help you out in some way.

    1) washing laundry is a must - folding it and putting it away isn't. ( I laid everything out flat and neatly in a pile with socks and underwear in a box or basket to grab.)

    2) if you're not up to doing dishes use disposable dishes

    3) have some grab and eat items available- ( My friend pre-made peanut butter sandwiches and put them in sandwich bags, I then put them back in the original bread bag and froze them. They thaw out in just 15 min. and are ready to eat. Other items that work well are fruit, baby carrots, dips, cheese sticks, yogurt, muffins, cup o noodles, corn dogs, burritos, etc. (microwaves are wonderful)

    4) SIMPLIFY clutter and toys- box up and store it in the back or top of a closet. My kids were young at the time. I split their toys into four separate boxes. Only one box was available for them to play with. I would swap out the box every 4 - 7 days. Less mess = less stress.

    5) I was on mandatory bed rest with my 5th pregnancy. My oldest child was barely 6 years old. (He did the laundry) I set up two places in my house (my bed and a couch) with books and things close at hand that I could do with my kids. I was able to keep my kids with me for the whole pregnancy even with my husband working 16 hour days. The only thing that suffered were my carpets: )

    Good luck... you're doing great!


    PS - I know what you are dealing with... my husband had rectal cancer and went through two separate rounds of chemo plus radiation and surgeries. It beats you up and leaves little to draw on. You also don't get any breaks to catch your breath and feel decent! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...

  9. Darlin, I understand. During my first round of chemo treatments I would come home and go straight to bed. I slept all day every day so I have been astounded by the amount of things you've been able to accomplish since you've been receiving treatments! You rock, girl! It was a little better during the second round of chemo treatments. I only slept a few hours after chemo and was able to get up and do more around the house but still not much. I agree with Carla that the children can help by sorting laundry (make it a game!) to wash and then helping to fold clothes. I like her idea of all the easily prepared items for meals. The kids would probably enjoy getting things ready for a family meal. It could be like a camping trip. PBJ sandwiches, yogurts, cheese sticks and juice boxes. And as my oncologist once told me, "You'll feel much better after we stop poisoning you." :)

  10. Hi Sheri~~just wanted to say I appreciate your letting us all know some of what you're going through. You are the furthest thing from whiny, Mama! Will keep praying for you and hoping you will continue to share your lows. Love to you and yours, Deb