Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I never got around to chatting about my last chemo.  It was uneventful.  My blood pressure was up so the doc asked me to just check it a couple times a week at a drug store.  I had the nurse at my disconnect check it and it was back to normal.  What could it be?  Steroids?  Avastin?  Anxiety?  Who knows. 

The nurse gently suggested that I talk to someone.  I might do that.  I don't know what I'll say.  Most of the time I feel like I'm dealing with all this junk pretty well.  Some days are harder.  We shall see.

Anyhoo, a friend of mine came to stay for a handful of days.  It was so nice having her, and when she left today I cried and it hurt my eye sockets like a banshee (chemo does that to me).  My string of visitors is at an end and I'm kind of sad about that.  While I was wallowing in my sads, I remembered that my next big countdown is a family trip.

Cambodia!!!!!  March.  Me, my family.  Good awesome fun. 

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