Thursday, December 1, 2011

You get a 2 for 1 today!

Because I still want to tell you about my day.  I arrived at the cancer center with enough time to get a coffee.  When I got to the lab a very cheerful lady checked me in, and complimented me on the picture on my credit card (it's the family pic with Richard Blais).  When she asked if it was my family, I guess I missed my chance to claim Blais as a Jahner, but I explained who that he's a chef out of Atlanta.  The check-in lady said, "Oh, we're going to Atlanta!"  I suggested that if she liked burgers, she should check out Flip.  She sounded excited to have a recommendation.

The blood people called me back right away.  I swear it took less than five minutes for them to collect their blood.  Shocking and cool.

My doc was out today, so I saw his nurse practicioner.  She was very nice and asked way more questions than the doctor usually does.  She asked about mouth sores (I don't have any) and asked if I was using the mouth wash with salt and baking soda (I'm not).  She gave me the recipe but it sounds kind of gross.  Since the doc's nurse wasn't there, I had to explain about my nausea patches.  She told me to find out if my insurance would cover it.  I didn't know how to do that, so she sent me to the pharmacy.

The pharmacy lady acted like she wanted to do just about anything except figure out what the deal is with my nausea patches.  Then she found a coupon for them and redeemed herself.  Maybe she was just feeling stressed.  I know I was.

Finally I was able to check in with the chemo waiting room ladies.  I sat down, pulled my kindle out of my awesome sushi bag, and started to read.  A few minutes later, the two people who helped me transfer from Columbus to Baylor popped in to talk.  It was so nice!!!  They wanted to know how we were settling in and if we'd started to get to know people.  One of them asked what I did with my days, and I reminded them that I homeschool. 

We talked about that for a little bit, me explaining how we structure our day and how awesome the kids are doing academically.  I got the question I'm not a big fan of:  "Do you plan to homeschool them through high school?"  I won't lie, I teared right up and said it was my hope to be teaching them and get them through high school (with whatever educational method or system works for us).  It is, in fact, my biggest hope, my biggest wish, to see my children through high school.  My two friends assured me that I would, but what else would one say?  "Oh yeah, you're not going to make that."  They were very positive and kind.  I don't think I've said that stuff out loud to anyone, maybe not even Eric.  It's hard.

Back in the chemo lounge, I was able to talk to the doc's nurse about my nausea patch.  She said it was up to me how to handle the situation since my insurance company will shell out the $$ for 4 patches instead of only 2 like we thought.  I can either put the patch on the day before chemo, or I can take a kytril pill and put the patch on the morning of chemo.  Today went so well on the nausea front that I'm nervous about changing it up.  My blood work has been consistently good since I started the Neulasta again, so I doubt I'd have to worry about wasting a patch if I put it on the night before. 

Anyway, no puking today.  I was soooooooo glad.  It was quite an uneventful chemo.  I took a little nap and watched Daria.  Soup for lunch, and I found the juice hoard in the refreshment room. 

Right now I feel tired, but other than that, I'm okay.  Thank God.  Really.

After my disconnect on Saturday, the next big thing is an appointment with the wound care people.  Not really looking forward to some stranger poking and prodding in my butt.  Blah. 

Please pray for me this weekend.  Thank you.


  1. will pray, especially for lack of puking, and a positive butt poking (okay, that sounds weird, lol!)

  2. Hello,
    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

  3. I gotcha covered on the butt poking stuff....agh. I have your postcard of your address change on my desk, I think of you everyday. Love, Auntie Barb