Thursday, December 15, 2011

CT Scan #what?

I have completely lost track of how many CT scans I have had.  I realized this when one of the techs asked me if I have had a CT before.  But let me back up.

The barium was in two shot like containers this time.  How nice!  Vanilla, but I suspect that's the only flavor they have.  I was to chug one bottle at 12:20 and one at 12:50 and then be at the radiology office by 1pm.  I want to note that I drank the second bottle at a red light and I meant to remember the street, but guess what?  I forgot.  Hah.

I arrived to radiology with a rumbly tummy because no eating or drinking after 8:20am.  I signed in two minutes late.  I blame the parking garage.  The receptionist directed me to have a seat.  After waiting for a really long time, a tech came out all ready to give me more barium.

"I already drank my barium," I said.
Confused look, "You did?  When?"
"At 12:20 AND 12:50," I answered.
"You drank it today?"
"Yes, I'm all set."

Apparently the radiology department doesn't communicate very well.

So he took me back and I had to change into a gown.  What WHAT?  I grumble but follow directions.  During the changing I totally had flashbacks to my radiation treatments.  I remembered how I felt taking off my pants and shoes, how it felt to walk down the cold hallway to the radiation room, how crummy radiation was.  It was weird to think about after all this time.

In the scan room, I, of course, knew what to do.  Sign your life away.  Lay on the table, feet up.  Arms over your head.  The tech who did my IV was WAY better than whoever did it last time.  They asked if I was okay.  YES I'm okay, I think, I'm in the zone.  I'm praying.  I'm thinking about my family and trying not to cry.  Why do they think I'm having a CT scan, for fun?  I'm sure they were just trying to make me comfortable.  "You know to breathe when the machine tells you?"  YES.  Hold your breath.  BREATHE!  I didn't open my eyes at all this time.

Anyway, it was over in less than 10 minutes.  I changed my clothes and got the heck out of there.  I had to take Reese to art class, for goodness' sakes! 

I'm supposed to get the results today.  I feel...nervous.  Scared.  Tired.  But hopeful.

Please pray.


  1. Hoping and praying for you as hard as I can!

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  3. Thinking about you today and always!

  4. I hate the PET/CT scans! I hate the liquid. Sometimes it's something clear like a thick Crystal Lite and other times the chalky Barium crap. At least the one I go to allows me to wear my own clothes as long as there's nothing metal in them. Last time I brought my flannel pajamas to change into. :) I also told them my arms go numb holding them up over my head so they allow me to keep them at my sides. I understand about the crying part. You try so hard to think positively but in the back of your mind is that awful WHAT IF??? I think I've had 10 of these PET/CT scans in the past four years since my cancer diagnosis.