Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I popped into the wound care clinic today.  Last time, if you recall, I was given some gauze with silver and other stuff in it to promote healing.  That gauze also increased the discharge from my butt which in turn irritated the skin and made me cranky.  I went back to the iodoform.  Smelly discharge and ouchy butt?  Uh, no thanks.

I explained to the nurse that I just want the wound to stay clean (ie not smelly), and I want something easy that doesn't remind me all the time that I have a wound.  One of the things I mentioned was that I'm pretty sure this wound isn't going to heal, I can't stop chemo so I can have a surgical correction, and for me this is a quality of life issue.  The nurse looked sad.  I guess she doesn't hear many 34 year old patients candidly speaking about this kind of thing. 

The doctor came in and I explained the same thing to him.  He seems to want to DO something for me, so I have another kind of gauze to try.  No big deal, I'll try it.  Then he mentioned wanting to see me in 2-3 weeks.  I nipped that nonsense in the bud, man, politely explaining that I have chemo every other week, and I don't want to spend my off weeks at appointments.  I want to spend them with my kids, teaching them, experiencing things with them.  I assured him I would call if I had any issues.  So I got away with an appointment in four weeks. 

Adventures in rectal wounds.  Who would have thought that this is where I would be in my 34th year? 

I'm glad I can pretty much put the rectal wound aside for a handful of weeks so I can focus on more important things.


  1. I'm glad that they are a little understanding and supportive though, and that your next appointment is 4 weeks out.

    You are awesome, my friend.

  2. Hey Shari, you just inspire me! I am so happy you were strong enough to say "hey, listen here, this is what I want to do and this is why" drawing the line in the sand and having a voice where you can!! When I was in the hospital for 6 weeks, the nurses and doctors gave me a nickname "The Negotiator" and I was pretty proud of that! Eventually, they even said it with a smile :)
    You freakin rock!

    Praying for you everyday lady!
    Amy Alwin