Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, Y'all.

Yeah, I'm a day late.  What of it?  Heh.

Our Christmas was very nice.  I cooked delicious vegan foods, we skyped with family, gifts were opened, candle light service at church attended, caramels made (thank you, Eric!).  I love how our holidays are spent in unique ways, and yes, I consider chillin' at home a unique way.

Can you believe that around this time two years ago I was freaking out about abdomino-perineal resection surgery?  When I talk about surgery or treatments, wound vacs and pumps, it just seems so long ago.  Years and year ago.  It's weird.  I often wonder what is in store for me in the next two years.  I'm sure it will be exciting.  :) 

I have chemo this Thursday.  It's a little bit easier to deal with since it seems the drugs are working.  I still get anxious though.  Got some prayers?  I'll take 'em.


  1. Sending you many prayers. Glad to hear your Christmas was nice! :)

  2. I will be praying, Sheri. I spent last week with my parents in Maryland. Wednesday was my mom's first chemo treatment. Stage 1a endometrial cancer. She had no nausea which thrilled me to no end!

  3. Hi Sheri, Prayers are being said for you and your family everyday!!! What a blessed Christmas we have had. I feel so full of hope! It is hard to believe that you have been fighting cancer for two years. I thank God everyday for you! Keep on keeping on!! Your Dad and I love you sooo much! Love, Mom and Dad

  4. Hi,
    Enjoy your blog, as i'm also dealing with rectal cancer. I have a question concerning your original tumor. Was it a Stage1 with one node, Stage 2 with 1 node?
    Hope the current drugs keep working.
    Hang in there.

  5. The cancer was staged at III, 23 lymph nodes were removed during my big surgery (along with the rectum, where the tumor was hanging out). 4 were positive for cancer, but all but one were fried by the radiation I had before surgery. Does that help? I'm happy to answer questions. Do you have a blog? :) sheri