Friday, December 2, 2011

Huh. I mean, Yay!

I feel kind of...good.  For it being the day after chemo, I wasn't nauseous at all.  Food doesn't taste totally weird.  Not much of an appetite, but I can live with that.

I felt so different than I did the last two times that I emailed my doc's nurse to ask if she would make sure I got all the chemo I'm supposed to get.  I feel a little silly asking about it, but it happened once in Columbus.  The cold sensitivity is here and bad enough that I refused to hold the kids' drinks today.  I do feel tired.  Getting the nausea under control was obviously a big deal.

Well, we'll see how I feel after the pump is disconnected tomorrow.  I'm very thankful that I felt good enough today to get out and meet some friends and finish up some school work with the kids this afternoon.  Very thankful.

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  1. Mom said... Hey Sheri, glad to here you don't feel as bad as the last two times. I guess nausea medicaiton does make a big difference! That is the worse feeling ever. We are starting to figure out what we are going to pack. We are so anxious to see you! We shipped your Christmas presents on Wed this week, so they should arrive before we get to Dallas. I will keep praying that you feel good today also! Love, Mom