Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chemo update

Yesterday started out pretty normal for our family.  The kids and I worked on some schooly things (note to self...figure out a way to deter Reese from complaining and Eli from rushing through his work).  Eric popped home around 11ish.  At noon, we headed to the cancer center.

Eric dropped me off.  I think that's one of the saddest parts of my day.  I don't mind chillin' in the infusion room alone, I'm probably very boring with my kindle reading, Daria watching, ice water drinking ways. 

Anyway, I went into the lobby and must have looked like I knew what I was doing because the greeters kept their distance.  Up in the elevator to level 4 to get some labs.  A very energetic, funny guy was my blood drawer.  He first handed me a pee cup, and when I looked at him with what must have been surprise, he started explaining how to use a pee cup.  Had I not been through all I've been through in my life, I might have been mortfied.  I said, "Well, I don't really have to go right now."  "I'll get you some water then!" he replied cheerfully, and brought two cups of water over.  "Cheers!" he was energetic, I mentioned that?  I noticed he didn't have a port kit, and when I asked him, he said I could go downstairs and they would pull my labs, but it would take longer and besides, he's way better at it.

Turns out he was right.  I barely felt anything.  He explained everything he was doing, even telling me tidbits of information like how long it would take to run each test, and he showed me how he makes a blood slide and it's a much easier way to count red cells or white cells or whatever (chemo brain!!).  He assured me everyone was great, but I could request him if I wanted.

After that, I went to drink more water, then hung around a bathroom I thought was occupied.  Finally I knocked and tried the handle.  Empty.  Ugh.  So embarassing.  Would it be hard to leave the door opena  crack, people who are leaving the bathroom??

I turned in my pee cup and went down to the third floor.  I waited.  A long time.  It's a waiting room though, and amusing things are bound to happen, especially as crowded as it was.  People kept walking by with iced tea that obviously came from a cafe (it's on the 2nd floor, and I definitely plan to check that out next time).  One woman was fiddling with her dvd player, and it was on top volume.  She ended up at the desk asking them to help her (an easy fix).  I ate a lot of mints.  I read a lot of kindle.  A man was irate because he claimed he didn't get his entire file back after it was copied.  Two different people talked with him, not counting the receptionist.  More than one family had children, that made me smile.

Finally I got called back.  I asked the nurse about the CT scan, and she said it would be right before my appt in two weeks.  I asked where I'd have to go to get the CT scan, mentally freaking out because it's one more thing.  "The first floor has a CT scan," she said cheerfully.  REALLY??  If it wasn't a cancer center, I'd call it paradise.  Someone will call me about scheduling that scan.

Another very nice nurse got me set up in a chair, gave me a warm blanket, offered me ativan (!!), and got me all set up and infusing nicely.  The chair did indeed massage and warm my butt (and back and legs).  They're a bit lacking in the snacks and drinks department:  there are a few kinds of juice, ice water, goldfish crackers, and cheese sandwich crackers.  Not a problem.  I'll bring my own stuff next time.

Most of the time was uneventful.  I took that ativan (which was just a smaller dose of the sleeping med I already take, no big whoop) and had a nap.  While I was watching Daria and starting to get that antsy feeling chemo gives me, guess who showed up?  Eric and the kids!!  The place was mostly empty, which was probably a good thing.  We don't want to bother anyone, after all.  Reese asked a lot of questions, including how I get to the bathroom.  After a little bit, we crammed together in my chair and Eric took a picture.  Awwwwwww.

Would I want the kids there the whole time, all the time?  Probably not.  It's boring for me, I can only imagine how dull it would be for a couple of kids.  Having them visit though, that was so great.  Listening to Reese ask really great questions, listening to Eli excitedly telling anyone who would listen about the game he was playing, seeing Eric's smile.  It makes a crappy day a whole lot better.

After my chemo adventure, we stopped at Whole Foods with the intention of getting vegan stick butter.  Of course we walked out with a bunch of other stuff, including coconut water which is awesome to drink when you're feeling gross.  I'm drinking some right now.  I was able to put the kids to bed before I crashed into my recliner and watched that movie about facebook.  The Social Network?  I thought it was about a facebook murder mystery, but it was still an okay movie.

I'm so thankful that things went well yesterday.  I'll probably spend the day catching up on Glenn Beck and resting.  Thank you for your prayers and great thoughts.  Much appreciated!

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  1. Hey Sher,
    It's such a blessing to hear that you can float from floor to floor for your treatments, scans and labs. What a priceless gems you have in your family...Lord knows they lifted us all up when reading this entry. Gathering together this Friday for Bible Study and we cannot help but reflect and rejoice in our teacherturtle. Love You and you are always in our prayers Imani & Family