Thursday, September 30, 2010

So. Another gauze went missing the other day. We still haven't found it. Anyone else think having this ass wound is a pain in the, well, ASS?? I do. I'm so over it. I'm just done. And according to Dr. Eric, it's a freaking cave in there. Isn't this thing supposed to be healing? Everything else on my body heals super fast. Perhaps my ass area is just defective? There was obviously a huge fail with my anus and rectum.

Yeah, not feeling the most positive I've ever felt in my life.

This too shall pass?



  1. I'm not sure what else to recommend other than - go somewhere away from people, out of ear shot, ideally large open field and just scream as loud as you can and as long as you can, maybe cry for an hour or two, drink a gallon of water then go to bed. Then start again tomorrow, yes one day, it will pass .....hopefully very soon :-| xx

  2. Sorry to hear this! Perhaps its time to try the colloidal silver. Just sayin'!!

  3. I think your wound is not healing because of the post radiation issues. I am sure you already know that. I had radiation first and then the ap resection. I did rely heavily on aquafor and eucerin cream after the surgery. I might have mentioned before I knew a women who had similiar issues to yours and she went to a plastic surgeon who did a skin and ligament graft. Once she had that done she healed nicely. I hope this issue gets resolved for you sooner then later.

  4. and Julie said... Maybe a wound doctor or nurse needs to assess your wound, and try a different kind of dressing. It sounds like there is tunneling. Maybe if the gauze was bigger, or in a strip form, you could get it in the wound better and not lose the gauze. That is not good to lose the gauze. You don't want to end up with an infection. Just a thought. Love Mom