Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hey, you! Yes you!!

Did you know that not everyone knows what an ostomy is? Did you know that some people think ostomies are gross or dirty and look down on ostomates? There are people who hide the fact that they have an ostomy because they are afraid people won't look at them the same or won't want to be friends with them.


Perhaps I live in my own little happy happy joy joy bubble, but this shocks me and makes me kind of sad. I didn't know what an ostomy was a year ago, so I suppose anything can happen. Now that I do know what an ostomy is, and now that I have one, I'm pretty open about them. I really hope this blog helps other ostomates to know that there are others out there, and that you can just live life with an ostomy.

I'm an ostomy ambassador. You can be one too. First, read this:

After you get done reading that, if you want to be an ostomy ambassador too, post a link to my blog. That's the easiest thing you can do. Then, if you'd like to be more involved, share what you've learned here about ostomies. Share my story. If you feel comfortable doing so, feel free to talk about me and my experiences, and what you've learned reading this blog. Let's get people talking. Ostomies are not scary or dirty or disgusting. They're different, but that's not a bad thing.

And on this blog, I'll make an effort to talk more about my own ostomy. Because overall, it's not been too bad. Is it a pain in the ass (belly?) sometimes? Sure. But you know what? There were a lot of times that my own ass was a pain in the ass! Who doesn't have issues with where their output leaves their body once in a while?

Thanks for helping, everyone. Do what you can, what you feel comfortable doing. I appreciate it, as do all the other ostomates out there.


  1. Sheri, Just wanted to say that I'm glad I rediscovered your blog after having lost my bookmark to it when I bought a new laptop. I'm a few months behind you in going through Stage III rectal CA treatment (one-third of the way through post-surgery (I had the APR) FOLFOX.) I enjoy reading your blog - you write very well and have a great attitude that inspires. Keep on keepin' on!

  2. I'm glad the blog is helpful!! Hang in there on the FOLFOX, it's tough but you can do it. :)