Sunday, August 29, 2010

Makin' Butt Kombucha

Attention! Attention! The missing gauze has been found and recovered from my ass!

That's right, it was in there, I freaking KNEW it was still in there. It just goes to show that I know my own ass better than anyone else. Now I hope my poor ass wound will stop bleeding and stinking and dribbling nasty discharge.

This is all pretty gross, huh? Well, wounds are gross.

But the gauze was found! Whoohoooooo!


  1. and Julie said ... I am so glad you found the missing gauze. Have you been feeling ill? Running a fever? Is there another wound clinic you can go to? I'm glad you know yourself better than anyone else!!! Love, Mom

  2. YAY! At least you've found it now, but doesn't say much for the doctor that had a look and completely missed it!
    Is there somewhere else you can go instead?

    Hope it starts to heal up for you soon - I know you like to make 'light' of it by joking around - but I think you're so brave and inspiring to others
    Take care of yourself and heal soon xxx

  3. I'll be seeing the doctor who will be doing my colonoscopy in two weeks. My plan is to ask him both about the wound and maybe for a referral to someone who knows what they are doing.

    And nope, I've been feeling fine.

  4. I too had an ap 8 years ago but never got a wound. On the other hand a close friend from Texas got the wound with her ap resection. After dealing with it for a year she went to a plastic surgeon and he repaired it for her. After that she never had a problem. I might add her wound was deep it was like an ice cream scoop size of wound. The plastic surgeon did a skin graft to repair the wound.

  5. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that..and then to find it was in there all the time...unreal!! Please, oh please, try the colloidal silver. Pour it in your wound. I swear by the stuff and it heals quickly!!