Monday, August 9, 2010


Sorry about the lack of posting here. I think, as I shared with a friend today, that I needed a little space from the whole cancer thing. I didn't want to think about it for a little while. Did I mention here that I'm off all my pills, Prozac included? It's just better if I don't think too much about everything that happened because I tend to get overwhelmed by it all. Yes, still. But in weighing continuing the antidepressants vs. dealing with shit, I decided to deal with shit. Don't get me wrong, the happy pills have their place and are quite useful. I just don't want to use them anymore.

So. Next Monday I have an appt with my new oncologist. After that we should know more about scans and such, when and how often. In the meantime, I have a thick stack of paperwork to fill out. A lot of the questions look familiar...isn't all this stuff in my records SOMEWHERE? Whine whine. I get annoyed by having to answer the same lame-o questions more than once, and some of these I swear I've seen ten times in the past year. Doctors and their paperwork, sigh.

A little tidbit for the ladies who are dealing with radiation (if you don't want to read about vaginas, skip this section!!!!)...keep up with those dilators. Or the sexin'. Whatever method you're using to keep your vaginal canal from closing in from the radiating. Because I now can tell you that a pap/pelvic exam will hurt like a banshee if you don't. And except for the few months after surgery, I have been dilating diligently. I can't imagine doing a pap/pelvic if I hadn't been using the dilators. If you're new to the party, get yourself to and get some info about side effects of pelvic radiation, or go back through my blog and read what I wrote. Or you can just leave me a comment with some contact info and I'll help you the best that I can. Let's share the info!!

Okay, vagina talk done.

That's about it, I guess. Mostly I'm just living life, chasing after my kids, lovin' on my husband, trying to lose the weight I gained back after chemo ended...the usual. It's nice to be back to business as usual (for the most part...still dealing with the ass wound). I'm feeling content with being able to take care of my family again. If someone saw me right now or met me for the first time, they wouldn't even know that I had cancer. After all I went through, that's amazing to me.

Just in case you'd like to see what "business as usual" means for me, here's a link to my new blog: Feel free to come hang out with me there and get to know my kick ass husband and wonderful children.

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