Thursday, August 26, 2010

And the wound doctor found...

absolutely nothing.

I have no freaking idea where that missing piece of gauze went, but the doctor that took a look couldn't find anything. The suspicion is that all the messing we did with the wound last night trying to find the missing gauze ourselves irritated it and caused the resulting juiciness (sorry for being gross).

While nice, the wound people here weren't all that helpful in my not so humble opinion. The doctor was all, "We don't even know if this wound will heal" which of course made me really super sad. :( However, my surgeon and all the wound care nurses in WI were sure that it would heal, eventually. I kind of think the doc I saw today was planting a seed so we'll want to try the hyperbolic chamber (or whatever the hell it's called, the oxygen tank). Blah.

It seems that they don't deal with my kind of wound very often and they suggested I go to my primary doctor and have him follow my treatment. I can't figure out why it would be better to have a doctor who doesn't look at wounds all day long deal with my wound. I suppose I have the option to check out other wound care facilities in the area, most of the hospitals here have them.

I'm just so weary of dealing with all this. I get tired of telling the story EVERY single time I see a doctor. Ugh.

I guess it's good that the doc didn't see anything up in my ass. The nurse encouraged us to keep a wound diary, writing down how many pieces of gauze we put in and at what time, and then making note of how many we take out. I'm sure this would be great if we were using MORE THAN ONE PIECE OF GAUZE. Sorry wound nurse, I'm not keeping a wound diary. I have enough to do, thanks.

I'm feeling cranky about all this, can you tell? Sigh. I'll feel better about it tomorrow, or the next day. I keep threatening to take some pain pills even though I don't *need* them. That's pretty bad, huh? And I won't. I liked the vicodin waaaaaay too much to start taking it recreationally. That's just not smart, and it's not who I want to be, it's not what I want my kids to see.

Don't worry about me, okay? I think we all have bad days when we just want to forget everything, even if we don't have cancer. This is just one of those crappy days.

There's plenty of good going on too, which if you're reading my other blog you know. My little girl is starting to read, really read. My son is counting like crazy, starting to learn his letters. It's all very exciting. I'm loving Georgia. I'm loving my husband and feel so lucky to be with him. We have a couple trips planned.

Just a bad day. I'm thinking positive that tomorrow will be better. Hugs.

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