Thursday, July 12, 2012

I went to chemo today.  If there was ever a day that I wanted Eric to keep driving, it was today, but you know, responsibility and all that jazz.  It was a pretty uneventful day. 

I had my last session with my therapist.  I think she is awesome and I'm going to miss her a lot.  Having a place where I can talk about anything I want and have someone objective hearing me and sharing her wisdom has been so helpful.  I'm glad I took the step to talk to someone.  The new therapist starts in mid-August.  It will be an adventure.

Then it was just the same old same old.  Oh!  I did try out the cafe on the 2nd floor but was disappointed to find that at lunchtime there is no yogurt.  I bought vanilla wafers and fruit and iced tea instead.  Next time I'll skip the vanilla wafers and maybe get two fruits.  Or I'll grab a yogurt from Starbucks.

The other cool thing I found at the cancer center is the chapel. It's been empty the last couple times I went there. Taking a little time to read some Bible verses and pray has really helped me. I think I might build it into my schedule, especially for the next few weeks without a therapist.

Doc says my bloodwork looks good, and as I have no other issues, it was a short appointment. 

Chemo took forever, of course. 

A guy who sat next to me was taking Erbitux.  A woman across from me was doing her first ever chemo.  I didn't really talk to either of them, just eavesdropped while pretending to watch Daria.  I never know what to say or what to ask, or even whether or not to start up a conversation.  I prefer to be alone when I'm doing chemo.  And what would I say to the Erbitux guy, "Yeah, I had that, it didn't work, but hopefully it does for you."  What about the woman just starting, "I've been doing chemo for three years almost, but I'm sure you'll finish your prescribed number of rounds and be just fine."  I prayed for them instead, it just felt more right than trying to think of what to say.  It's hard for me to feel encouraging when I'm being pumped with poison.

I was relieved to finish chemo today.  I just wanted to get home and rest.  Please pray for me.


  1. Sheri, I have been thinking about you all day today. Praying that your day would be uneventful, and that you would feel peace in your heart. I am glad you are taking advantage of the chapel. Quiet time is always good to have. I know in my heart that God is taking care of you and I shouldn't worry. I guess worrying is just a MOM thing. Just want you to know that I love you!!!! I will keep praying!! Love, Mom

  2. Sheri,
    Sorry I missed you when you came to visit. You, Eric and the kids are always in my prayers and thoughts. I will never stop praying !

    Aunt Louanne