Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cancer frustrates me, it frustrates me because of what it has done to my body.  I cried last night because in many ways, my body doesn't work the same way it did before cancer.  I could start listing all the ways cancer has changed my body, but it feels so much like complaining.  Amazingly enough, I don't really feel like complaining.  So I'll just leave it at general frustration and irritation.

Chemo tomorrow.  I've been cracking the whip at the kids to get them to help me clean up the house.  Today I'll do some cooking ahead, that makes it easier for everyone, I think. 

I'm in a good place, a positive place.  For a chemo week, I think that's pretty good.  I'd still appreciate prayers though.  :)


  1. Dearest Sheri, We will be praying for an easy Chemo weekend! We wish you didn't have to go through all this stuff!!! We love you! Will be thinking about you and praying!!

    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Positive prayers coming your way.When someone is walking and talling pretty normally, these invisible aspects of cancer/treatment remain just that.Thank you for educating us...

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