Monday, December 6, 2010

I had an appointment to see the wound/ostomy care nurse today. My ostomy looks good, my ass wound looks good. It's all good.

We talked a little bit about the flap rotation surgery. I have to confess, I'm not wild about having another surgery. I don't know. I feel so good now and I'm exercising regularly (and even running!!! crazy!!). How much is another surgery going to set me back? I don't want to deal with healing AGAIN. It sucked so bad the last time. The nurse pointed out that there's nothing wrong with continuing the way I'm going, packing the wound. At this point, largely due to the iodoform gauze, poor Eric only has to pack my ass once a day. It's not interfering with my daily life at ALL.

I don't know. I'm thinking about waiting to meet with a surgeon until after my CT scan in January. So maybe in February? Maybe we'll know more about what's up in my lungs.

The nurse also asked if I wanted to think about an antidepressant because of course, I was crying in her office. I declined. I don't feel the same as I did when I decided to go the Prozac route in the past. If I talk about stupid cancer stuff I'll totally cry, but who the hell wouldn't? The past year or so has been traumatic. I still worry about things. Most of the time though, I feel really good. There are definitely negatives to my friend Prozac.

I think I'd like to get off this roller coaster, please.

Oh hey, I lost two pounds. That's good and awesome.

Continued positive thoughts are appreciated. And I'll try my hardest to think positively as well. Because I have a lot to be very glad about.

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  1. Always sending positive thoughts your way Sheri...

    Think it's a good plan to maybe think about surgery February, not now.

    Stupid cancer stuff always makes me cry too

    Big hugs xxxxx