Sunday, October 17, 2010

CT Scan tomorrow

That's right, I have one.


It will be my first one since the initial CT scan in September 2009. It will be my first scan since finishing treatment.

I'm a little freaked out.

What if...

You know how those get away with you. I don't like the "what ifs." You can't plan for those. You can't prepare for those. You just have to let it ride until you get the information you need to move on. I wish I was better at letting it ride.

You know what I am pretty good at? Faking it until I make it. So that's what I've been doing, being outwardly positive for myself, for my family. Inside I'm mostly positive. I'd say I'm 75% positive. And 25% negative.

Scanxiety. I has it.

Happy thoughts welcome and very much appreciated.


  1. Be thinking of you tomorrow Sheri and keeping everything crossed that you get a a GREAT result!

    Will be looking for your update as soon as you know.
    Hugs xxx

  2. Big, big, big hugs!!! I am sending out lots of healthy thoughts your way.

  3. Thinking of you and wishing great news!

  4. I always get scan anxiety so my oncologist told me to always have him request a stat read and then the day of the scan I remind my doctor and he then calls the radiologist a few hours after the scan and gets a verbal report which he then passes on to me. I also get a written copy of the report a few days later. Patient have rights and once the doctor gets the report the patient can go and request a copy for themselves. I get so frustrated when I hear people have to wait a week or more for results. Good luck

  5. and Julie said... I agree with Anonymous, you should ask for the results right away. Why should you have to wait and wonder. That just causes more anxiety. Hugs and lots of prayers are being said for you and your family!!!! We love you sooo much daughter!! Love Mom and Dad

  6. Sorry you have to wait so long. I know standard around here is results in 12 - 24 hours without even asking. It is possible that asking will speed up your results. Not sure if it will work or not, I do have friends who work in Georgia and Florida and there is no way they can get results faster unless it is an emergency. Just different standards of care in different states.