Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stuff and Junk

I'm sort of irritated with my ostomy as of late. There is a LOT of pancaking going on, which isn't the end of the world. However, output gets under the wafer and that makes for a sad ostomy. There have also been some middle of the night emergency changes. I don't know how I wake up just in time.

Anyway, there are some things I can do: change my diet (which isn't really a long term fix unless I just want to eat rice, bananas, and applesauce all the time), use a pouch without a filter, use some sort of lubricant in the pouch (I already do this). I can try changing appliances. It's all a bunch of trial and error.

We did try some sticky rings that you add to the back of the wafer, and I don't think I'm having as big of an issue. I'll know more when I change the wafer tomorrow.

In some ways, the whole ostomy thing is easier for me than what I used to do. I don't even think about it most of the time, except when I'm having issues. But then again, it's a constant reminder that my life is different now than it was before September 2009. Change is hard, and I still will stop short at times, shocked that this has all happened. Really, I was radiated? Really, my rectum is gone? Really, I made it through chemo? It all seems so far away. And I wonder how I did it.

And I remember that I have a lot going for me. I think I always knew that, but now it's so much more obvious.

So what's next, you ask? I have an appointment with the wound care nurses this week, wherein I will holler about my ostomy issues and see if they have other ideas. There are medical records for me to pick up before we move. After arriving in GA, I'll start looking for a family doctor, who will hopefully have the info about an oncologist.


  1. Lots of pancaking here as well but much better since I switched to convex wafer. Make sure you stay super hydrated, especially since you are now moving to the humid and hot south! My ostomy and I have a wonderful love-hate relationship. Love it because it was necessary to give me life but hate right now because of this awful Florida humidity........ rash, rash, rash. The long and the short is that it is way better than I thought it would be and most of the time, I hardly even remember it is there. Best of luck in your move!!!
    aka Debbie Dickens
    Sunny, humid, HOT Florida

  2. Thank you!!!

    I'm hoping we can find something that works, and I will try to stay on top of the whole water thing. Do you use the stoma powder for your rashes? A couple days ago I had some ouchy looking skin from output leakage under the wafer but it cleared up on its own. I'm using a convex wafer as well. Luckily there are so many products for ostomates that hopefully I'll find something good. :)

  3. I have had an ostomy for 8 years now. Every now and then I complain and my husband says you are alive. The one thing I have learned that keeps me rash free and problem free is I change it everyday right after I shower. I do not even use any paste, powder or adhesive. I use the Convatec active life one piece drainable pouch #22751. I always carry 2 in my purse with a zip-lock bag freezer variety. So if I do need to empty my bag in public I have learned it is so easy to take it off and put it in the bag and throw away. I then throw another one on. I have gotten to the point that on long car rides if necessary I can do it right in the car. Now this is maybe a once a year thing but boy it sure comes in handy. Just ask my husband when we were driving thru Las Vegas a few months ago stuck in a horrible traffic jam. I also always carry a few wet-ones single wrapped in my purse. I also right after I shower before I put a new one on will use a product that you can get at the market called press and seal. It is like saran wrap and I just put a piece over the stoma and it gives me sometime to run around before I put another bag on. I can eat a varied diet but if I eat rice once a weak that helps with the pancaking. Good luck hope this helps.

  4. I had a lot of trouble with leaks for awhile, and hence rashy skin. Stuff for the rash tended to make wear time shorter. What seems to have made the difference (knock on wood) is using Karaya paste from Hollister. Very sticky stuff, and hydrocolloid. I spread it around the stoma in about an inch radius before applying the new wafer, which I do every 3-4 days. Helps the skin, helps the adherence. As you say, trial and error!

    Good luck with your move, Sheri! We'll miss you around here!

  5. I'll miss everyone around here too!

    I am irritated by the shortened wear time, most definitely. My skin tends to get irritated when I change too frequently. I'll check into the paste, thanks Sarah!

    I ate so many of the BRAT diet foods during radiation/chemo that I'm kind of burnt out on rice, bananas, applesauce...blah. Eating rice once a week wouldn't be bad, maybe I'll try that too. So far diet hasn't helped much, but I will admit I'm half assing it, haha. It's hard to be too picky about what I eat when we're trying to clean out the pantry!