Saturday, June 5, 2010

The port is gone! At least, it's gone from my body. Eric asked if we could see the port after surgery and the surgeon gave it to us in a little speciman cup. So it's on Eric's desk right now, haha. Looking at it, thinking about how it was inside my body, it's a little weird.

But hey, what about cancer *isn't* a little weird?

Anyway, things went well yesterday morning. The surgery prep and recovery took longer than the actual cutting out of the port, but I'm happy with my decision to do it this way. The surgeon also took a quick peek at my slowly but surely healing rectal wound and pronounced it good. Then he did a way bad job of repacking the gauze, but perhaps I'm biased because Eric does such an awesome job all the time.

So what to do with my blog? There are still things to come in regards to my diagnosis. I'll still be living with an ostomy and that will probably provide many comical adventures. It's very possible that I'll keep this blog for teh cancer stuff and start a new blog for the life stuff. I don't know...I kind of think people come here for the cancer related updates and maybe don't want to read my babble about what kind of vegan food I'm making or what amusing thing my kids said today. I would love to do a vegan food blog or a Columbus, GA related blog. I suppose we shall see. What with all the moving stuff going on right now, I barely have time to think about it.

For now, I'll concentrate on continuing to get healthy and the whole moving thing. If you have thoughts about the future of the blog, feel free to share.

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  1. I definitely think you should create a blog about your life and experiences in Georgia. We are going to miss you guys, but I am so glad that you are able to do this move. You are right, life is way to short not to pursue your dreams. You deserve this, go out and have fun, new experiences and pursue your dreams. I am glad you two are doing this together and I am sure the kids will love it down there. Georgia is so beautiful, I have always wanted to go there!