Friday, April 6, 2012

I got so wrapped up in the scan news that I completely forgot to talk about Chemo Day.

Let's see.  I arrived at the very early hour of 8am.  Blood work was much better this time, no digging around for my veins. 

Then the waiting.  I actually waited a lot yesterday, and I suspect that was because I got squeezed in.  Oh well, waiting means knitting!  I had enough time to frog my project once before I got it right.

Seeing the doctor was meh, as I wrote yesterday, the scan was not the news I wanted and expected to get.  At this point, I'm working through it, praying about it, trying to have an accepting heart.  The doc's nurse came in to talk to me, and that helped.

Chemo...I got the nurse who did my disconnect right before the trip to Cambodia.  She was super excited to hear about it, so I showed her pictures.  Everything was pretty peaceful in the chemo room.  After the ativan I wasn't great at knitting, so I watched Daria and dozed most of the time. 

I busted out and went to visit some friends, to show off pictures, and get hugs.  Although I didn't want to go back to the cancer center, it's nice to know that I have friends there.

So, that was my chemo.  Very uneventful, for the most part.

Today I was at Starbucks putting sugar in my coffee when a random guy came up to me and asked if I was doing chemo.  A little surprised, I said I was.  He recognized the port, said he had one of his own.  At just about the same time, we asked each other what kind of cancer.  It turns out, he has colon cancer with mets to his liver.  We had a nice conversation about treatments we'd had, and then told each other good luck.  After I left, I was all, "Is it that obvious that I'm on chemo?"  But I guess wearing tubes, a huge pump bag, and a tank top...doesn't hide much!  He said I looked good for all the chemo I've had.

Another woman I talked with said I sounded very positive about everything.  I don't feel very positive right now.  I'm actually kind of pissed off about the scan and sad, and just blah.  Lots of why me, why so long, why now?  But she still thought I was positive.

Who are these people, strangers, who are encouraging me?  I appreciate it.  Maybe we should all be encouraging each other more often.


  1. I do think encouraging each other rewards you as much as the other person. Only someone who has been on chemo or known someone who has been on chemo would notice the port and pump bag. Most everyone else is oblivious.

  2. I think Carol has it bang on - those who have gone through it are more aware of it and notice it. Thinking and praying for you.

  3. Sheri, I really agree with Carol. We all need to encourage others. Being you were off Chemo for a month, I believe your scan was pretty good! I felt very positive by the news you received. I still know that God's arms are around you. He is healing you! My friends at work say to me, " Your daughter must be so strong to keep doing Chemo like she does." I just tell them that you have lots to keep doing Chemo for!!! I tell them that God has a plan for you! You have no idea how your Blog inspires so many people! I love reading your Blog, it gives me a clue to how you are feeling! It helps me to be able to encourage you!!! I will continue to pray!!! Just know that I am standing in the Gap for you! That is my purpose in this life. I love you!!! Mom