Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Please be your own advocate and some other stuff, a list of ten things

1.  Please know what meds you are on, what you're supposed to get for chemo, and check your freaking chart.  Ask questions, get the answers you need.  People make mistakes, even doctors.  Long story short, I should have pressed and asked more last week because it turns out that one of my chemo drugs was not given and should have been.  Lame.

2.  My leg rash is getting better, but the doc is going to hold chemo unless it's healed next Wednesday.  At first I was upset about that, but at this moment?  Oh freaking well.  I don't want chemo anyway (which we're all heard me complain about before).  The doc will look at it next week and let me know.

3.  Sometimes the waiting room is entertaining.  A woman sitting next to me was chatty, so I chatted with her a bit.  She was totally ripping recipes out of the magazine she was reading.  It amused me.  One of them was for frosting, and she commented that she needed a new recipe.

4.  A volunteer came through asking if any of us "young ladies and gentlemen" wanted liquor drinks.  It was really just colas and ginger ale, but it was funny.

5.  Waiting TWO HOURS to see the doctor is ridiculous.  It just should not happen.

6.  I'm so lucky to have friends who will welcome me in and fix me iced coffee and let me eat their vegan chocolate chip muffins (and who even make vegan food).  I needed that today very much.  It turned a craptastic day into something better.

7.  The doctor did not scold me about my tattoo, he said it was a very pretty picture.  I suspect his PA caught him beforehand and asked him not to make a big deal (so I wouldn't cry). 

8.  I'm so tired of doctors and cancer centers and medicines.  Sometimes I feel like it would be nice to run away to some beach somewhere.  And yes, I know I was just at the beach last month.

9.  I cried on the way from the cancer center to pick up the kids.  No bad news today, just feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. 

10.  Despite all the crap, I feel that I'm very lucky.  I have a husband who loves me and is awesome, kids who make me laugh, great friends.  I got to wake up and see today.  I really do have a lot going for me.

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