Friday, September 9, 2011

It's my Cancerversary!


Two years ago today I got the news that I had rectal cancer.

I had no idea how much three little words, "You have cancer" would drastically change my life forever.  Some days are very bad and some days are very good.  I'm thankful for every day I wake up to my husband and children.

Thank you eternally, friends and family, and strangers too, who have prayed for us and helped us along the way. 

I'm not done yet.  I am hardcore.  Fuck you, cancer.


  1. Sheri, I am so glad to hear that you are not done fighting!!! I agree with you, Fuck you Cancer!!! I will continue to pray every day for you and yours. The last two years seem like forever!! I love you!!! Love, Mom

  2. Hugs Sheri and yes definitely.... Fuck you cancer!


  3. I love swearing, so FUCK YOU cancer! Dallas ROCKS!
    Mike S.

  4. I say FUCK YOU CANCER TOO! Keeping you and your family in my prayers and thoughts!


  5. Sheri, I was directed to your blog-post through Carole's blog. Cursing! If every time I cursed were blogged in my blog it would fill quite a page (a large page) so keep it up...we cancer fighters have a range of emotions that others are unaware. Glad to follow your blog. Follow mine if you like.

  6. Yes Yay! You are amazing.