Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm awake

It's a little after 4am, and I've been awake for maybe half an hour?  Sitting on the computer often makes me tired after chemo, so I thought I would try it.  Now that I'm yawning, I probably should go back to bed.

But I thought I'd fill you in on Chemo Wednesday first.  The nurse was very helpful, double checked all my meds, caught another one I didn't get last time (emend...probably more of a big deal if I had the Folfiri).  She explained that often on the 11th or 12th cycle, the doc will drop the oxaliplatin or camptosar if the patient is having a really hard time with symptoms.  That is not me.  I mean, I feel like absolute crap, but I'd rather feel crappy and kick some cancer ass than skip out on any of my meds at this point.  Still no benedryl, which is werid to me.  I'm curious about how my new cancer center will handle it. 

I can absolutely tell that I got everything.  Blech.  The good news is that I'll probably get a 3 week break or so while records are transferred and my new doc looks things over.  Then I'll have to get an appointment with him.  I don't want too long of a break, but it will be nice.

Otherwise, chemo was very uneventful.  I passed the hour avastin test, so next time that will only be a 45 minute infusion.  Hey, anything that can cut down on time spent in the chemo chair. 

I hope the next few days will be calm too.  Now it's time to go try my bed again.  Happy Thursday, all!

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  1. Mom said... Happy Thursday to you also!! I also hope your next few days will be calm. I am so excited for your move! You would think I was moving. Glad to hear that you received the correct medication this time. That worries me when the correct medication isn't given. I hope you will like your new doctor. I hope he will have more insight on how to treat your cancer. I love you, daughter!!! IF there is anything you need please let me know. Love, Mom