Monday, November 28, 2011's a secret!!!!

That's how I feel about cancer sometimes, like I don't want to tell anyone.  Let's be honest.  When someone first hears, no matter what, they get THAT FACE.  Readers with cancer, you totally know what I'm talking about.  It's not a bad thing, it's almost always a face of sadness, compassion, etc.  No one means any harm by it.  But man, it's not a face I like seeing all the time. 

So our family has been going to a church here in Dallas, and we really like it.  Reese goes to Sunday School and for the first handful of times, she wanted me to sit in the class with her.  Okay, no big deal.  Her teacher is soooooo nice, and it was fun to get some ideas from her.  You know how I love teacher stuff.  Around the same time, I decided not to go to a Tuesday night Bible study I'd been attending, so I wanted to find something for me.  Reese wanted me to stay close, and I happened to wander into one of the study groups that meets right down the hall from Reese. 

The first Sunday I attended the study, I talked to a lot of people and they were so friendly and kind.  One of the women, Janice, shared with the group that one of the members had surgery and didn't tell anyone.  Janice looked sad and frustrated and said, "We can't minister to people if they don't share their struggles."

What she said stuck with me all week.  It's true.  I'm a smart cookie, I know I need prayer.  So yesterday I pulled Janice aside and shared with her what's going on with me.  It turns out, she's a one year survivor of breast cancer.  I can't imagine a more perfect person to tell.  She helped me share with the study group and ask for prayers. 

Then right after that in church, the pastor talked about different jobs in the church.  Some people are teachers, some people are learners, and some people need to be ministered to (among other jobs).  My willingness to share my struggles gives others a chance to minister to me.  Isn't it kind of cool how things work out?


  1. How awesome!! Wonderful, uplifting post Sheri. I'm so glad you found an easy, compatible group that you're comfortable with. You have such a strong, admirable attitude. <3

  2. Two related stories:
    The interim priest in the parish we attended during my first cancer died of cancer that year, shocking the congregation, who had no idea that he'd been dealing with it. People were very sad that they hadn't been able to pray for him or help him out.

    And when I was waiting to have the confirmation scoping for my most recent cancer my mom had just had a stroke and so I tried not to let my siblings know about my fears, not wanting to add to the family burden. But I let it slip to one sister when we were walking together and when I apologized, her reply was, "That's ok, now we can pray for you."

    So, good for you in letting this study group into your life in this way, letting them minister to you, letting them know what you are dealing with. It's a gift!

  3. Mom said... Sheri you are so strong. But we all need help now and again. I cannot wait to go to your church with you! I have prayed for many people in my life, and it is a gift to be able to minister to others. Even the staff I work with minister to me. I am glad I told them what is going on in our lives, they want to help any way they can. It is so good that some people want to help others. I believe we were put on this earth to help others. Giving of ourselves any way we can, using our gifts! I love you! Love, Mom