Friday, November 18, 2011

My Chemo Day

I will tell you about it, but it involves puking.  A lot of puking.  You've been warned.

Let's see.  Eric dropped me off at the cancer center at about 9:15ish, just in time to get some coffee.  There was no line at the checkin desk, score!  A few minutes after I sat down, I was called back to get my labs done.  The nurse was quick and efficient, but I think I prefer the jokey kinds who ask about my tattoos.  After that, I went down to the chemo lounge waiting room to, of course, WAIT to see my doctor.  I didn't mind a whole lot because I found a book on my Kindle that I haven't read and it turned out to be a good one.  Yay!

On the way back to the doc's office, another nurse weighed me.  This chemo diet is NOT working, y'all.  Ugh.

My doc's nurse came in and we chatted about how awful my post chemo days were last time.  I'm already using the top of the line nausea drugs, so the only thing we can do is switch some of them up, and I can take steroids for a couple days.  Just like long long ago when I first had chemo in WI, it's a guessing game.  Bummer for me, huh?

The doc breezed in and we chatted about nausea some.  He agreed with what the nurse suggested.  He asked me if I had any other questions, and I said I did.  I asked about tattoos, ready for him to be all negative and discouraging.  He was all, "Oh, sure, that's fine!"  And I replied, "Really?  Last time my tattoo got a huge rash all over it."  He asked to see it, complimented it highly, and gave me the Clean Needle Speech.  I mentioned that my last doc wanted me to take antibiotics before and after, and current doc scoffed at that.  Whoo hooo!  Cleared for tattoos!!!!

After getting some prescriptions, I went back to the waiting room.  You have to be really good at waiting in this cancer business.  While in the waiting room, I saw a family with three adorable little girls and was so thankful that kids are welcome at the center.

I had the same chemo nurse (are you keeping count of all the nurses I've been through today?  I should have a contest or something, haha) as last time.  He's not jokey or funny, but he does answer questions and he's nice.  I had to ask for Ativan again.  He goes, kind of doubtfully, "Do you need it?"  Don't ask me if I need to relax, jerk.  You're going to pump me full of chemicals that will make me sick for my whole weekend, I've been pretty much a mess for the last two days, didn't sleep much last night, and you're going to ask me that??  I just smiled sweetly and said, "Yes, I do."  He had to clear it with the chemo doc's nurse.  Okay, whatever you have to do.  I huddled under my warm blanket and turned on the massage option (which isn't as great as I previously gives me a headache if on too long, but it's nice to goof around with when I'm bored).

I got my Ativan.  And chemo doc's nurse added it to my regimen.  Another Whooo hooo for the day!  It's the simple things.

Warning!  Puke talk ahead!!!!!

I was able to relax and listen to a little music.  I watched a little Daria.  The day plodded on, switching a bag here, having a snack there.  Nothing too exciting until about the last half hour.  I started feeling sicky.  I glanced around for a garbage can.  The dvd player went back in my bag.  I sat on the edge of my chair, garbage can pulled close.  Dammit, I hate puking.  I sat still, took deep breaths, and no matter what I did, I tossed my cookies into the garbage can.  Everything I'd eaten came up.  Soooooo gross.  The nurse came over and asked, "Are you okay?"  In between heaves I said, "Not really."  He rushed away and brought back some ATIVAN.  Ahahahahahahahhaha.  This amuses me greatly.  I puked until I thought I was done, then accepted a box of kleenexes. 

Just then, Eric and the kids arrived.  I joked that I'd need Reese's puke bucket.  The nurse offered me one of theirs.  I'm glad I had it, because I heaved into it a couple times on the way home.

Once at home, I went right to bed and slept for a couple hours, I think.  I woke up still feeling nauseous, so I sat in my chair with a bucket.  After a little while I decided to try eating some toast, thinking that maybe I just needed food in mah belly.  The toast came up.  I was able to drink water though.  A while after that, Eric kindly made me some cream of wheat.  I took one bite.  ONE.  And that came up.  I decided to give up eating for the evening and went to bed.

Today my dilemma is what to try eating.  I don't really want to puke up my favorite foods or my stand by chemo foods.  Sigh.  If I can't keep any food down in the next couple hours, I'll be calling the chemo doc's nurse.

Right now I feel okay, maybe a little shaky and a little tired.  Water is still agreeable. 

Anyway, today I'll try to relax, do some school with the kids, and if I'm feeling okay this afternoon, we're headed to the library.  That's a good place to take the kids because it keeps them busy and changes the scenery.

Please pray for me.  :)


  1. I know chemo and HG are different, but both involve lots of nausea and lots of puking. When I was pregnant with Anna, I kid you not...I went 10 weeks only able to eat macadamia nuts. One or two at a time. Not exactly sure why they worked. They're pretty "soft" nuts, so that helps. Also really salty. Always a plus (for me, anyway). I feel your pain about not wanting to puke up your favorite chemo weekend foods. With my first round of HG, I puked in John's brand new truck. Ever since, the "new car smell" makes me puke. Second time with HG, puked in a Subway bathroom. STILL can't go into a Subway without getting nauseous.

  2. Oh, Sheri. I am so sorry. I wish I was there to hug you and hang out with the kids. Praying you find something that will stay down. Love you.

  3. Oh, Sheri, I feel so bad for you. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Feeling nauseous and then puking is the worst ever!!! I wish I could be there to take care of you. I am praying!!! Love, Mom

  4. Thinking about you today :( Keeping my fingers crossed that this passes quickly.

  5. You are such an amazing person Sheri. Prayers galore.

    Also, a book suggestion "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children." I think it's something you'd like. :)

  6. Praying for you, as always! I'll tack in some extra that the puking shall pass:) Rest up and keep drinking the water! Love, Jess:)

  7. Have you tried to eat rice? That and chicken broth were about the only things I could keep down while on Folfox.